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You probably ended up here because you attempted to reach to read about what’s happening in the world of AI, machine learning, NLP and the like. As of January 2024, is no more. And it’s not coming back in its previous incarnation. Please watch this space for news. In the meanwhile, reach out to me on LinkedIn with any questions and suggestions.



What was was a website that collected news, tutorials, press releases, scientific research, etc. regarding AI, data science, machine learning, NLP, and related areas. It was active between March 11, 2018 and January 5, 2024. During that period, it collected 1.2M+ documents (on average 565 documents per day) from sources such as Twitter, Hacker News, Reddit, Google news, Bing news, a number of high quality newsletters, and around 1000 RSS feeds. was my hobby project, the intention of which was two-fold:

  1. Help me get into Python (at the time, I built stuff in Java), and
  2. help me get on top of the information that was shared in a newsletters that I subscribed to, but rarely opened.

From there, it expanded to include more sources and features, and eventually served as a place for me to try out new stuff and conduct experiments.