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Truly, madly, deeply: meet the people turning their basements into secret fantasy worlds | Homes | The Guardian

11 min read, listed 17 days ago in MIT Technology Review — California’s air conditioner-driven blackouts are only the start


It’s one thing turning your basement into a wine cellar, but some people are building replica streets, theme parks and even trains beneath their homes

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Cloud Data Platform Series - The Dawn of Lakehouse - Databricks

1 min read, listed 10 days ago in KD Nuggets News — Lakehouse: The future of cloud data platforms


You’re invited to a 2-part virtual event where you’ll learn what’s driving the Lakehouse pattern and how Delta Lake makes it possible with a new open standard for data reliability, quality and performance.

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Error 429 (Too Many Requests)!!1

1 min read, listed 81 days ago in reddit/MachineLearning/[Discussion] Are we entering in tropical times in ML/AI

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Free Chatbot Webinar: Build a Bot in 1 Hour - BotXO

1 min read, listed 24 days ago in reddit/ArtificialInteligence/🛎️ Free Webinar: BUILD A BOT IN 1 HOUR 🛎️


Join the Free Chatbot Webinar. We'll take you through the steps of building a chatbot on the BotXO Platform, in just 1 hour.

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You have been blocked

1 min read, listed 70 days ago in Artificial Intelligence

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Understanding Bias in Data - Skillsoft

3 min read, listed 8 hours ago in reddit/ArtificialInteligence/Understanding Bias in Data Free Bootcamp


Free Online Bootcamp September 29 11:00AM – 12:00PM EDT September 30 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM EDT Examples of injustice will often make the news, but the roots of the sensational have their foundation in the mundane. Increasingly, the technology we create and the decisions we make are grounded in…

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Abuse Notice

1 min read, listed 78 days ago in Twitter — recent in #ai

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Practical ML Series | Virtual Event - Databricks

2 min read, listed 31 days ago in KD Nuggets News — [Virtual event] Learn agile ML in a dynamic world


Join the latest virtual event from Databricks to learn about new capabilities and best practices for agile data science and machine learning in a dynamic world.

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DataCamp’s New Partnership With Anaconda to Spread Data Fluency - DataCamp

2 min read, listed 93 days ago in Blog - Data Science Blog To Help You Be A Data Scientist | DataCamp


DataCamp is partnering with Anaconda to help you develop your team’s expertise in Python for data science.

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Expert Webinar: How Data Science Can Help the Post-COVID World Recover

2 min read, listed 62 days ago in reddit/deeplearning/Can you please provide a roadmap and resource list to become a data science researcher?


Can Data Science help in the betterment of individuals, businesses, & communities post the COVID pandemic disruption? Well, enroll in this webinar to find out.

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Redefining Future-Readiness for the Modern Graduate: Expert Tips for a Successful Career

2 min read, listed 43 days ago in reddit/MachineLearning/[D] Am I just a bad grad student?


With changing future, the career & opportunities are affected for the recent graduates. Enroll in this webinar & learn how modern graduates can go about with this.

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1 min read, listed 81 days ago in Twitter — popular in #ai #deeplearning #machinelearning

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Main Conference | CVPR2020

15 min read, listed 94 days ago in reddit/artificial/Feel at CVPR as if you were at CVPR

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K-Means Clustering: How It Works & Finding The Optimum Number Of Clusters In The Data | by Serafeim Loukas | Sep, 2020 | Towards Data Science

6 min read, listed 9 days ago in Machine Learning - Topic feed @ Medium


Mathematical formulation, Finding the optimum number of clusters and a working example in Python.

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Launching AI in the Real World - A Roundtable Series

1 min read, listed 35 days ago in KD Nuggets News — Expert Roundtable | Launching AI in the Real World


This four-part series on launching AI in the real world features industry-leading practitioners sharing personal experiences and insights into their own AI journeys, shedding light so others can accelerate progress toward their AI-initiatives.

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Ximilar: Image Recognition & Visual Search

1 min read, listed 42 days ago in reddit/tensorflow/Reimplementing CenterNet and TTFNet in TensorFlow 2.2+

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Webinar Invite: How Virtual Reality Is Reimagining Healthcare

3 min read, listed 40 days ago in Artificial Intelligence


Catch this Entrepreneur Middle East Live discussion that will be staged on Zoom on Wednesday, August 12, 2020 at 2pm (UAE).

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Obsession - Wikipedia

1 min read, listed 65 days ago in reddit/MachineLearning/[D] how obsessed do you need to be to succeed in ML research (PhD, USA if relevant)?

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Nomis - Nomis - Official Labour Market Statistics

1 min read, listed 13 days ago in reddit/datasets/Need open data for labour market - finely grained

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Paper Deadline Extension

1 min read, listed 108 days ago in reddit/artificial/[N] NeurIPS Extends Paper Submission Deadline In Support of Black Community

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You have been blocked

1 min read, listed 89 days ago in Twitter — recent in #ai

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Practice of Efficient Data Collection via Crowdsourcing: Aggregation, Incremental Relabelling, and Pricing

1 min read, listed 25 days ago in reddit/MachineLearning/[D] Crowdsourced Data Annotation Tutorial (Yandex)


is a tutorial at the conference WSDM 2020. In this tutorial, we present you a portion of unique industrial practical experience on efficient data labeling via crowdsourcing shared by both leading researchers and engineers from Yandex. Majority of ML projects require training data, and often this data can only be obtained by human labelling.

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Why R? Webinar – Neural Networks for Modelling Molecular Interactions with Tensorflow | R-bloggers

2 min read, listed 87 days ago in R-bloggers


June 25th (8:00pm UTC+2) is a date for next Webinar at Why R? Foundation. This time we will have a chance to host Dr. Leon Eyrich Jessen who will present a In Silico Immunology: Neural Networks for Modelling Molecular Interactions using Tensorflow via...

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AI Builders in the Time of a Pandemic | HCL Technologies

1 min read, listed 85 days ago in Twitter — recent in #ai


The COVID-19 outbreak has affected every segment of the economy. In this unprecedented time, organizations are gearing up to face the challenge strongly and strategically. Researchers all over the world are looking for creative solutions to fight this pandemic. One of these is artificial intelligence.

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Webinar: Improving Natural Language Understanding through Adversarial Testing

1 min read, listed 74 days ago in reddit/LanguageTechnology/Free webinar: Improving Natural Language Understanding through Adversarial Testing


Learn how we can improve natural language systems with challenges designed to trip them up in this free webinar with Stanford Professor Christopher Potts.

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