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  1. Samsung in talks with Tesla to make next-gen self-driving chips -Korea Economic Daily | Reuters

    www.reuters.com | 1 min read

    Samsung Electronics is in talks with Tesla to make Tesla's next-generation self-driving chips based on Samsung's 7-nanometre chip production process, a South Korean newspaper reported on Thursday.

  2. Federal Lawsuit Filed Against Paxton Media Group, Targets Data Breach | WKDZ Radio

    www.wkdzradio.com | 2 min read

    A federal lawsuit has been filed against Paxton Media Group, claiming the company had a cyber attack and massive data breach earlier this year, yet waited three or more months to tell more than 20,000 current and

    Second UK data breach exposes details of more imperilled Afghans | Military News | Al Jazeera
    Epik Data Breach Impacts 15 Million Users | Avast

  3. Techmeme: Stairwell, which scans companies' data to detect if they are compromised or were in the past, raises $20M Series A led by Sequoia and Accel (Carly Page/TechCrunch)

    www.techmeme.com | 1 min read

    By Carly Page / TechCrunch. View the full context on Techmeme.

  4. Techmeme: How TikTok's auto-generation tools helped popularize subtitles in the app, as creators compete for the estimated 75% of users who leave their phones on mute (Brian Contreras/Los Angeles Times)

    www.techmeme.com | 1 min read

    By Brian Contreras / Los Angeles Times. View the full context on Techmeme.

  5. Techmeme: A viral TikTok video from July caused many young women to use Prolific, a survey website for scientists, skewing the demographic data for thousands of studies (Rafi Letzter/The Verge)

    www.techmeme.com | 1 min read

    By Rafi Letzter / The Verge. View the full context on Techmeme.

  6. Machine learning helps scientists identify 'critical genes' in agriculture and medicine

    www.sundayvision.co.ug | 3 min read

    Sept 24 (UPI) – Humans and plants have thousands of genes. Traditionally, studying the function...

    Machine learning helps scientists pinpoint 'genes of importance' in agriculture and medicine - UPI.com
    Machine learning helps scientists identify 'important genes' in agriculture and medicine - Archyde

  7. US Army’s tactical network team tests new unified data fabric in Yuma

    www.c4isrnet.com | 3 min read

    The test took place amid a massive sensor-to-shooter experiment called Project Convergence.

  8. Artificial intelligence can reveal climate change tipping points • Earth.com

    www.earth.com | 2 min read

    Artificial intelligence can reveal climate change tipping points • Earth.com

    Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence Designed As Early Warning Device to Analyze, Predict Multiple Climate Change Tipping Points | Science Times
    Artificial intelligence could provide ‘early warning system’ for catastrophic climate tipping points

  9. RIT professor wins NSF award to expand capabilities of AI systems using brain-inspired methods

    www.news-medical.net | 3 min read

    The National Science Foundation is giving a Rochester Institute of Technology professor an esteemed award to help him expand the capabilities of artificial intelligence systems using new brain-inspired methods.

  10. Techmeme: A look at serialized story services like Amazon's Kindle Vella, as combined IAP revenue of top 7 services grew an estimated 50% YoY to $12M/mo. in May and July (Todd Bishop/GeekWire)

    www.techmeme.com | 1 min read

    By Todd Bishop / GeekWire. View the full context on Techmeme.

    Techmeme: Amazon launches Prime Video Channels in India, offering eight streaming services in one hub with discounted prices for one year (Manish Singh/TechCrunch)



Links to especially interesting sites that has been shared by the monitored sources in the past 24 hours.

  1. This Week’s Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through September 25)

    singularityhub.com | 3 min read, listed in European Media Monitor - Machine Learning

    From airborne microchips the size of sand to glow-in-the-dark plants, check out this week's awesome tech stories from around the web.

  2. September | 2021 | Ars Technica

    arstechnica.com | 1 min read, listed in Google Alerts — Daily Digest

  3. Solving the Traveling Salesperson Problem with deep reinforcement learning on Amazon SageMaker | AWS Open Source Blog

    aws.amazon.com | 11 min read, listed in Artificial Intelligence

    The Traveling Salesperson Problem (TSP) is one of the most popular NP-hard combinatorial problems in the theoretical computer science and operations research (OR) community. It asks the following question: “Given a list of cities and the distances between each pair of cities, what is the shortest possible route that visits each city exactly once and […]