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  1. FinCEN Files Show Criminals Moved Billions As Banks Watched

    www.buzzfeednews.com | 19 min read

    Thousands of secret “suspicious activity reports” offer a never-before-seen picture of corruption and complicity — and how the government lets it flourish.

  2. Trump agrees to TikTok deal with Oracle and Walmart, allowing app’s U.S. operations to continue

    www.cnbc.com | 4 min read

    The outcome could boost Oracle's position as a company that can handle challenging computing workloads and help to resolve a geopolitical dispute between the U.S. and China.

  3. Artificial Cartilage - Knee Replacement Surgery Alternatives

    www.popularmechanics.com | 3 min read

    Scientists have long searched for a gel as tough as the real stuff. Is this it?

  4. At the International Mathematical Olympiad, Artificial Intelligence Prepares to Go for the Gold

    www.quantamagazine.org | 5 min read | Related:

    Long Island artificial intelligence startup can write your emails | Newsday
    Scientists combat anti-Semitism with artificial intelligence

  5. A patient has died after ransomware hackers hit a German hospital | MIT Technology Review

    www.technologyreview.com | 2 min read

    For the first time ever, a patient’s death has been linked directly to a cyberattack. Police have launched a “negligent homicide” investigation after ransomware disrupted emergency care at Düsseldorf University Hospital in Germany. The victim: Prosecutors in Cologne say a female patient from Düsseldorf was scheduled to undergo critical care at the hospital when the…

    Techmeme: Records show the Los Angeles Police Department has used facial recognition software ~30,000 times since 2009, and 300+ personnel have access to the tools (Los Angeles Times)
    BreachExchange: Ontario nurses’ governing body hit by ransomware attack
    Bluesemi launches IoT body temperature-measuring device - The Hindu BusinessLine
    Hackers leak personal data of 1,000 Belarusian police on weekend of protests

  6. Tesla plans to offer machine-learning training as web service with its new 'Dojo' supercomputer - Electrek

    electrek.co | 3 min read

    Tesla plans to offer machine-learning training as a web service with its new ‘Dojo’ supercomputer, according to new comments from CEO Elon Musk. Project “Dojo” was first announced by Musk at Tesla’s Autonomy Day last year: We do have a major program at Tesla which we don’t have enough time to talk about today called “Dojo.” […]

  7. DOJ charges six people in scheme to bribe Amazon employees

    www.cnbc.com | 3 min read

    Consultants allegedly bribed Amazon employees for privileged information on sellers' competitors, giving them an unfair advantage.

  8. Twitter is looking into why its photo preview appears to favor white faces over Black faces - The Verge

    www.theverge.com | 2 min read

    Twitter’s preview showed the white faces more often

    Twitter examining why photo previews focus on white faces
    Techmeme: Twitter says it will investigate after users find its preview of a photo, with a Black person and a white person, more frequently displayed the white person (Rachel Kraus/Mashable)

  9. Robots gear up to march to the fields and harvest cauliflowers | Business | The Guardian

    www.theguardian.com | 3 min read

    Prototype technology could help alleviate growing shortage of human crop pickers

  10. ByteDance says not aware of $5 billion education fund in TikTok deal

    www.cnbc.com | 1 min read

    U.S. President Donald Trump said he had approved a deal, which included a $5 billion education fund, to allow TikTok to continue to operate in the United States.

    Techmeme: Trump says he would not approve a TikTok deal unless ByteDance ceded its control, after ByteDance said it would retain an 80% stake (David McCabe/New York Times)
    ByteDance says not aware of $5 billion education fund in TikTok deal



Links to especially interesting sites that has been shared by the monitored sources in the past 24 hours.

  1. Google AI Blog: Advancing NLP with Efficient Projection-Based Model Architectures

    ai.googleblog.com | 6 min read, listed in Google AI Blog

    Posted by Prabhu Kaliamoorthi, Software Engineer, Google Research Deep neural networks have radically transformed natural language proces...

  2. How Accurate Are Personality Tests? - Scientific American

    www.scientificamerican.com | 6 min read, listed in reddit/MachineLearning/[R] Personality surveys using machine learning. What do you think?

    Precious few personality assessments are known to be reliable, and researchers say their use outside academia is debatable

  3. Dialogue as Dataflow: A new approach to conversational AI - Microsoft Research

    www.microsoft.com | 10 min read, listed in Microsoft Research Blog

    Researchers at Microsoft Semantic Machines are taking a new approach to conversational AI—modeling dialogues with compositional dataflow graphs. Learn how the framework supports flexible, open-ended conversations, and explore the dataset and leaderboard.

  4. Hailing a self-driving taxi when blind. Learn how Waymo answers that challenge at Sight Tech Global – TechCrunch

    techcrunch.com | 4 min read, listed in Artificial Intelligence - TechCrunch

    Imagine yourself unable to see well enough to drive, and how that would change your life. I witness that scenario every day at home with my wife, who is legally blind, and a very busy person. She reveres Uber and Lyft because they provided her with the still remarkable option to get up and go [&hel…

  5. Ireland’s data watchdog slammed for letting adtech carry on ‘biggest breach of all time’ – TechCrunch

    techcrunch.com | 7 min read, listed in Google Alerts — Daily Digest

    A dossier of evidence detailing how the online ad-targeting industry profiles internet users’ intimate characteristics without their knowledge or consent has been published today by the Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL), piling more pressure on the country’s data watchdog to take…

  6. Improved International Support for Zoom Users - x.ai

    x.ai | 2 min read, listed in x.ai - blog

    x.ai works for busy professionals around the world. We’ve scheduled meetings for people in 210 countries, and that’s just in...