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AI Governance Project Manager – Apply by September 30 - Future of Humanity Institute

3 min read, listed 5 days ago in ChinAI Newsletter — ChinAI #111: The Human Cost of 30-min Food Deliveries


The Centre for the Governance of AI, part of the Future of Humanity Institute, is seeking a full-time AI Governance Project Manager to become a central part of our team, contributing to strategy, operations, recruitment, and potentially research as well as policy engagement. Apply here before September 30th, 1200 noon BST.  The work may include, […]

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Research Scholars Programme - Future of Humanity Institute

7 min read, listed 33 days ago in ChinAI Newsletter — ChinAI #107: Deconstructing Japan's Construction Industry


FHI is a multidisciplinary research institute at Oxford University studying big picture questions for human civilization.

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Anonymous Professional Network - Blind

1 min read, listed 41 days ago in reddit/MachineLearning/[D] How to get accurate Salary information for my background/experience? And if any adjustments need to be made for the current economic conditions?


Blind is an anonymous community app for the workplace. Our vision in creating this space was to break down professional barriers and hierarchy.

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Skynet Worldwide Express

1 min read, listed 22 days ago in reddit/singularity/White House announces creation of AI and quantum research institutes

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THATWARE - AI Powered SEO and Advanced SEO

1 min read, listed 51 days ago in reddit/ArtificialInteligence/Will AI End Human Involvement In Digital Marketing?


Thatware, is world's first professional seo company which aims in blending seo with ai. It uses cutting edge technologies like data science and Semantics.

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A Global IT Solution Company That Empowers Ideas & Future | Technostacks

1 min read, listed 31 days ago in reddit/ArtificialInteligence/AI helping companies to plan Future!


Technostacks is a pioneer IT solution company that delivers ideas, products & enterprise services to your core business needs. Reach us today!

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Jobs/Internships — IHMC Robotics Lab

1 min read, listed 37 days ago in reddit/robotics/IHMC Robotics - Looking for EE, MS, and Controls Engineers

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Molecularly engineered photocatalyst sheet for scalable solar formate production from carbon dioxide and water | Nature Energy

6 min read, listed 20 days ago in reddit/singularity/Breakthrough in Artificial Photosynthesis Lets Scientists Store The Sun's Energy as Fuel


Selective photocatalytic conversion of CO2 into fuels without using sacrificial reagents and external bias has proved difficult. Addressing these challenges, Wang and colleagues fabricate wireless photocatalyst sheets comprising a molecular cobalt catalyst and metal oxide semiconductors that convert CO2 and H2O into formate and O2.

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Research Jobs - NUI Galway

4 min read, listed 79 days ago in reddit/MachineLearning/[N] [Jobs] DAVID ( Data-centre Audio/Visual Intelligence on-Device) Project

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Jobs at Apple

1 min read, listed 21 days ago in reddit/MachineLearning/[News] Apple's AI/ML Residency Program


Explore all jobs at Apple. Search by keyword, location, and other criteria. Create a profile and apply today.

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Application Process | McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society

6 min read, listed 55 days ago in Synced Global AI Weekly — The GPT-3 Obsession; Facebook to Pay $650 M to Settle Facial Recognition Suit;  Watch Animal Crossing Artificial Intelligence Workshop Online

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Job Details

2 min read, listed 33 days ago in ChinAI Newsletter — ChinAI #107: Deconstructing Japan's Construction Industry

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Volunteer | Invincible Wellbeing

2 min read, listed 10 days ago in reddit/transhumanism/Invincible Wellbeing podcast + wiki is hiring for a wide range of volunteer roles!


We're looking for: editors, topic researchers, writers, creatives, biz devs, programmers, scientists, doctors, engineers, mathematicians

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The Most In-Demand AI Job Opportunities in India in July 2020

7 min read, listed 54 days ago in Twitter — popular in #ai


The demand of artificial intelligence (AI) jobs along with its various skillsets such as machine learning are continuously increasing as enterprises seek to deliver innovation and gain a competitive edge. Here we have enlisted top most in-demand AI job profiles, with hottest openings in India in July 2020.

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NOW HIRING: Technical Project Manager - PyImageSearch

4 min read, listed 102 days ago in PyImageSearch


PyImageSearch has grown tremendously over the past five years. What was once a small blog on OpenCV is now the go-to place to learn Computer Vision (CV) and Deep Learning (DL). We have authored 350+ free tutorials on CV/DL, with…

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Companies Recruiting Data Scientists In India - IBM, Microsoft And More

4 min read, listed 86 days ago in Analytics India Magazine | Artificial Intelligence & Data Science stories


According to one of our study reports, the broad data science domain and precisely the analytics function has experienced significant growth.

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RemoteML - Remote Machine Learning Jobs

1 min read, listed 105 days ago in reddit/MachineLearning/[D] Where do you recruit software engineers for ML projects?

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Recent Data Science Jobs For Freshers To Apply Right Now

4 min read, listed 116 days ago in Analytics India Magazine | Artificial Intelligence & Data Science stories


One of the hottest jobs of the 21st century, data science plays a crucial role when it comes to deriving meaningful insights from large chunks of data for decision-making in organisations. According to reports, as of March 2020, the analytics function in India earned consolidated revenues of $35.9 B – a 19.5% growth in revenue…

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Latest Data Science and Analytics Job Openings To Apply Now

4 min read, listed 58 days ago in Analytics India Magazine | Artificial Intelligence & Data Science stories


Reports suggest that as of March 2020, the analytics function in India has earned a consolidated revenue of $35.9 Bn.

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Associate or Full Professor position – Machine Learning and Data Science | Central European University

2 min read, listed 37 days ago in Twitter — popular in #machinelearning

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Latest Data Science And Analysts Jobs At Intel, Accenture and More

4 min read, listed 36 days ago in Analytics India Magazine | Artificial Intelligence & Data Science stories


Despite the impactful recession, job profiles like Data Scientist and Analyst have witnessed an exponential growth in various organisations.

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Mind-controlled transgene expression by a wireless-powered optogenetic designer cell implant | Nature Communications

14 min read, listed 13 days ago in reddit/singularity/Are these the most promising nanobots to date?


Brain–machine interfaces offer the possibility of controlling prosthetic devices using changes in brain activity. Folcher et al.couple such a system wirelessly to an optogenetic implant in mice to control expression of a transgene, demonstrating its potential for mind-controlled drug delivery.

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Latest Entry-Level Job Openings For Data Scientist & Analysts

4 min read, listed 78 days ago in Analytics India Magazine | Artificial Intelligence & Data Science stories


Data Science jobs are the most sought after jobs of this century. According to AIM survey on DS recruitment, the number of posts available.

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Travelers Hiring 500 Tech Specialists to Support Modernization Effort

1 min read, listed 74 days ago in Center for Data Innovation — New in Data: Responses to EU Proposals for Digital Services


The property-casualty insurer is looking for data scientists, software engineers, cloud architects and other specialists to add to its approximately 6,000-person technology team. Most of the positions are new.

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Understanding BERT — (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) | by Sarthak Vajpayee | Aug, 2020 | Towards Data Science

6 min read, listed 43 days ago in Machine Learning - Topic feed @ Medium


Part 2/3 of Transformers vs Google QUEST Q&A Labeling (Kaggle top 5%).

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