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Hacktoberfest 2021

hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com | 1 min read | listed 3 months ago in reddit/MachineLearning/[D] Supporting Hacktoberfest for ML Datasets

Open source is changing the world – one contribution at a time.

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Artificial intelligence development - AI Journey conferences

ai-journey.ru | 1 min read | listed 3 months ago in Twitter — popular in #ai

Register for events dedicated to artificial intelligence and data analysis, which will be held in 2021.

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Join the NVIDIA Developer Program | NVIDIA Developer

developer.nvidia.com | 1 min read | listed 2 months ago in KD Nuggets News — Register for NVIDIA GTC now

BRILLIANT MINDS.BREAKTHROUGH DISCOVERIES. Access technical training and sessions built for developers. REGISTER FREE NVIDIA Developer Program Supporting the Community That's Changing the World We believe that developers are the inspired, technical minds transforming the world around us with new innovations. You are key contributors to the advancement of every field—and the foundation of NVIDIA’s success.

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Register to Livestream the Keynotes from FORWARD IV | UiPath

www.uipath.com | 1 min read | listed 3 months ago in Twitter — recent in #ai

We got you even if you can't join us onsite in Las Vegas? We're live streaming the keynote addresses that will bookend the first day of FORWARD IV. Register now to see the keynotes live!

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Zoom Meetings - CS50x 2021

cs50.harvard.edu | 4 min read | listed 2 months ago in Twitter — recent in #machinelearning

Harvard University's introduction to the intellectual enterprises of computer science and the art of programming.

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iMerit ML DataOps Summit – TechCrunch

techcrunch.com | 1 min read | listed 2 months ago in MIT Technology Review — How computers impact critical areas of our lives

iMerit ML DataOps Summit - December 2, 2021

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Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute

datascience.ucsd.edu | 1 min read | listed 1 month ago in reddit/MachineLearning/[D] Anyone else suspicious/concerned about the spread of "Data Science" degrees?
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Modern Data Integration for DataOps | StreamSets

streamsets.com | 1 min read | listed 6 days ago in KD Nuggets News — Grab the Data Engineer’s Handbook

Deliver continuous data to every part of your business with smart data pipelines. Discover the StreamSets DataOps Platform.

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Microsoft Research Summit - Microsoft Research Summit: Home Public

researchsummit.microsoft.com | 1 min read | listed 3 months ago in Twitter — recent in #ai #ml

Join us October 19-21 at the inaugural Microsoft Research Summit.

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GamesBeat and Facebook Gaming Summit: Keynote speakers announced | VentureBeat

venturebeat.com | 3 min read | listed 20 days ago in AI – VentureBeat

The keynote speakers for the second annual GamesBeat and Facebook Gaming Summit have been announced! Learn more here.

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Ai4 2022 Healthcare Summit

ai4.io | 1 min read | listed 1 month ago in Synced Global AI Weekly — Synced Global AI Weekly 2021.12.18

Ai4 2022 Healthcare Summit

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Best of CES 2022: New Tech That’s Practical, Innovative or Just Plain Crazy - WSJ

www.wsj.com | 1 min read | listed 18 days ago in MIT Technology Review — The worst technology of 2021

The annual tech show—now taking place in Las Vegas and, thanks to Omicron, across the internet—is a fountain of important tech trends and far-out inventions to come.

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AI & Data Summit

www.aidatasummit.com | 2 min read | listed 6 days ago in Redis Labs | The Best Redis Experience

IsraelClouds bring you the biggest AI & Data event, with great content from our communities, and ecosystem members who lead the startup nation innovation using data and machine learning. A must event for every developer, data scientist, algorithmic, data analyst, big data.

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NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang Kicks Off GTC With Keynote Tuesday - The Official NVIDIA Blog

blogs.nvidia.com | 3 min read | listed 2 months ago in nvidia - deep learning

Think fast. Technology is changing the world more quickly than ever. And NVIDIA GTC brings together many of the people who are working to accelerate it. The biggest highlight is NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang’s agenda-setting keynote on Tuesday, Nov. 9 at 9 a.m. Central Europe Time. Huang will describe how the company is advancing AI Read article >

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Wind+ Digital Summit: Wind, Solar, Storage

event.asme.org | 2 min read | listed 2 months ago in European Media Monitor - Artificial Intelligence

Join us at ASME's Wind+ Digital Summit, providing you the critical insights and best practices to digitalize your operations to shape a new clean energy future.

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MIT Horizon Live Event: Artificial Intelligence for Enhancing Empathy, Diversity, and Inclusion — MIT Media Lab

www.media.mit.edu | 1 min read | listed 19 days ago in reddit/ArtificialInteligence/Artificial Intelligence and Diversity/Inclusion

Using artificial intelligence and biosignal processing, scientists are gaining insight into empathy and emotions. MIT Media Lab postdoctoral associate Camilo...

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mlcon 2.0 - The AI and ML Developer Conference | By cnvrg.io

cnvrg.io | 1 min read | listed 3 days ago in KD Nuggets News — Learn from 40+ AI experts at mlcon 2.0 ML dev conf

Join thousands of ML and AI professionals to break down silos for delivering real world AI applications. Learn from 40+ industry leading ML experts and influencers as they share lessons learned, pro tips and proven strategies for building real world AI solutions. Get best practices and strategies being used to build the industries most transformative AI solutions. Learn from AI leaders as they share their successes, failures, and lessons learned so no one has to reinvent the wheel.

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Community Sharing Series - In Dialogue with AI Robots Tickets, Fri 26 Nov 2021 at 6:00 PM | Eventbrite

www.eventbrite.hk | 2 min read | listed 2 months ago in Twitter — recent in #ai


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AAAI 2022 Conference | Thirty-Sixth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence

aaai.org | 2 min read | listed 1 month ago in Synced Global AI Weekly — Synced Global AI Weekly 2021.12.11
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登録Register | Linux Foundation Events

events.linuxfoundation.org | 3 min read | listed 2 months ago in Twitter — popular in #ai

Open Source Summit Japan + Automotive Linux Summit は、日本時間の12月14日から15日、オンラインでバーチャル開催されます。 新型コロナウイルス感染症による安全性懸念が依然として続いていることから、Open Source Summit Japan + Automotive Linux Summit 2021は、バーチャル イベントとして、

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EBDVF 21 | Data and AI Event | SAVE THE DATE → 29Nov - 3Dec

european-big-data-value-forum.eu | 1 min read | listed 2 months ago in Twitter — recent in #bigdata

Welcome to the flagship event of the European Big Data Value and Data-Driven AI Research and Innovation community! Digital Transformation powered by Data and AI. Join us!

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MLOps Conference 2022 | Machine Learning Israel

machinelearning.co.il | 1 min read | listed 18 days ago in reddit/MachineLearning/[N] MDLI Ops – A free conference to help you make sense of the MLOps landscape

MDLI Ops 2022 Join us for all the latest updates on MLOps.January 20th 2022Online Register here for free Days Hours Minutes Seconds About the Conference MDLI is planning an online event on January 20t

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IEEE International Conference on Data Mining 2021 (ICDM2021) | IEEE ICDM 2021

icdm2021.auckland.ac.nz | 2 min read | listed 2 months ago in Synced Global AI Weekly — Synced Global AI Weekly 2021.11.13
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Infinity Festival Is Back! Everything to Know | PEOPLE.com

people.com | 2 min read | listed 3 months ago in European Media Monitor - Artificial Intelligence

Infinity Festival will to return to Hollywood at Goya Studios and the Dream Hotel, as well as online for global attendees from November 2-4

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Fundamental Rights Forum 2021 | Registration

hybrid.fundamentalrightsforum.eu | 1 min read | listed 3 months ago in Twitter — popular in #ai

The Fundamental Rights Forum is the space for dialogue on human rights challenges facing the EU today.

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