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Urban Dictionary: ofc

www.urbandictionary.com | 1 min read | listed 15 days ago in reddit/deeplearning/Unsupervised Deep Learning

Used in instant messaging to represent 'Of course'

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Online MSc Courses & Degrees - The University of Bath

landing.online.bath.ac.uk | 1 min read | listed 2 months ago in KD Nuggets News — Hone your data, coding and AI skills with an online MSc

Apply online to study for a Master's of Science degree online. Here to develop entrepreneurship, computer science & applied economics experts.

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Online Courses and Certification For Professionals | Global Tech Council

www.globaltechcouncil.org | 1 min read | listed 2 months ago in reddit/ArtificialInteligence/ai certification
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70 Free Online Courses for Data Science to Advance Your Skills in 2021

www.mltut.com | 2 min read | listed 2 months ago in Twitter — popular in #ai #bigdata #deeplearning #machinelearning

The data science courses which I have listed in this article are completely free. You don’t need to pay a single buck for the course.

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Spring 2021 Schedule - Full Stack Deep Learning

fullstackdeeplearning.com | 3 min read | listed 1 month ago in reddit/deeplearning/NYU deep learning

Hands-on program for software developers familiar with the basics of deep learning seeking to expand their skills.

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Introduction to Python Course | PyImageSearch

www.pyimagesearch.com | 1 min read | listed 3 months ago in Artificial Intelligence
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Learn Robotics - Gain Robotics Skills Online with Our Platform & Kit

www.learnrobotics.org | 1 min read | listed 3 months ago in reddit/robotics/how to start?

Learn Robotics from anywhere with our robotics kit and online lessons. Designed for beginners interested in robotics, coding, and engineering!

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Data Science Courses & Training Bangalore| IBM Certified | Learnbay

www.learnbay.co | 1 min read | listed 1 month ago in reddit/MachineLearning/[P] A Static Analyzer for Detecting Tensor Shape Errors in Deep Neural Network Training Code
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Earth Monitoring - FutureLearn

www.futurelearn.com | 2 min read | listed 3 months ago in reddit/MachineLearning/Free Data Science course [P]

Explore how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies are helping to advance Earth monitoring.

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Machine Learning

www.cs.ox.ac.uk | 2 min read | listed 18 days ago in DataScienceWeekly.org — Data Science Weekly - Issue 424
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Open Machine Learning Course mlcourse.ai • mlcourse.ai

mlcourse.ai | 2 min read | listed 1 month ago in reddit/MachineLearning/[D] Best ML and AI courses on YT using python, tensorflow and google collabratory.
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Path to Full Stack Data Science - KDnuggets

www.kdnuggets.com | 7 min read | listed 3 months ago in Machine Learning, Data Science, Big Data, Analytics, AI

Start your journey toward mastering all aspects of the field of Data Science with this focused list of in-depth self-learning resources. Curated with the beginner in mind, these recommendations will help you learn efficiently, and can also offer existing professionals useful highlights for review or help filling in any gaps…

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Beginning Machine Learning with TensorFlow JS | Infinite Red Academy

academy.infinite.red | 1 min read | listed 2 months ago in reddit/tensorflow/Beginning Machine Learning with TensorFlow JS Course Sale

Friendly courses from active consulting experience. Online, at your own pace, e-courses for professionals.

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7 Best Keras Online Courses You Need to Know [Bestseller 2022]

www.mltut.com | 7 min read | listed 2 days ago in reddit/ArtificialInteligence/7 Best Keras Online Courses for Deep Learning

Keras is a high-level library that’s built on top of Theano or TensorFlow. And Keras provides a scikit-learn type API that is written in Python for building Neural Networks. By using Keras, you can easily build neural networks without worrying about the mathematical aspects of tensor algebra, numerical techniques, and optimization methods. That’s why in this article, I am gonna discuss Best Keras Online Courses.

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Start a Team | FIRST

www.firstinspires.org | 2 min read | listed 1 month ago in reddit/robotics/I finally Created a robotics club.!
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These 17 e-learning bundles are only $20 each for a limited time | ZDNet

www.zdnet.com | 5 min read | listed 3 months ago in European Media Monitor - Machine Learning

There has never been a better time to grab control of your life and train for a lucrative new career or acquire the skills to boost the one you already have.

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Course on Information Theory, Pattern Recognition, and Neural Networks - VideoLectures - VideoLectures.NET

videolectures.net | 1 min read | listed 1 month ago in reddit/MachineLearning/[D] Simple Questions Thread
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Learn One Of 2021's Most In-Demand Programming Languages For Under $15 | IFLScience

www.iflscience.com | 2 min read | listed 3 months ago in European Media Monitor - Machine Learning

What is Python and what are its benefits? Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics, but don’t le

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ML-YouTube-Courses/README.md at main · dair-ai/ML-YouTube-Courses · GitHub

github.com | 4 min read | listed 20 days ago in Data Elixir — Data Elixir - Issue 368

A repository to index and organize the latest machine learning courses found on YouTube. - ML-YouTube-Courses/README.md at main · dair-ai/ML-YouTube-Courses

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Artificial Intelligence Master's Degree Online - Penn State World Campus

www.worldcampus.psu.edu | 3 min read | listed 3 months ago in reddit/artificial/Penn State's online AI Program
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Create A Connected World With Internet Of Things Courses | Networking Academy

www.netacad.com | 1 min read | listed 1 month ago in Twitter — recent in #bigdata
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Robotics engineering | Università di Genova

courses.unige.it | 2 min read | listed 1 month ago in reddit/robotics/Weekly Question - Recommendation - Help Thread

Robotics engineering Master degree overview - Università di Genova

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Udacity CS344: Intro to Parallel Programming | NVIDIA Developer

developer.nvidia.com | 1 min read | listed 3 months ago in reddit/MachineLearning/Requirements for Deep Learning Engineer at Tesla [D]

What: Intro to Parallel Programming is a free online course created by NVIDIA and Udacity. In this class you will learn the fundamentals of parallel computing using the CUDA parallel computing platform and programming model. Who: This class is for developers, scientists, engineers, researchers and students who want to learn about GPU programming, algorithms, and optimization techniques. Why: Learn new skills, enhance your career opportunities, and have fun. How: Currently this class is closed - but please visit us again soon for any updates. Instructors Dr.

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The Mastering Internet of Things Bundle | ZDNet Academy + Deals

academy.zdnet.com | 1 min read | listed 3 months ago in Artificial Intelligence
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Introduction To Machine Learning With Python Course (FREE) - MarkTechPost

www.marktechpost.com | 1 min read | listed 3 months ago in Google News

Introduction To Machine Learning With Python Course (FREE). (Machine Learning (ML) Introduction: -AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning

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