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  1. Techmeme: Google will discontinue its Trusted Contacts app Dec. 2, pointing users to Maps features instead; the app helped users check on contacts during emergencies (Ian Carlos Campbell/The Verge)

    www.techmeme.com | 1 min read

    By Ian Carlos Campbell / The Verge. View the full context on Techmeme.

    ‘Media Took These Statements From the OAS and Ran With Them’ — FAIR
    64% in U.S. say social media have a mostly negative effect on country today | Pew Research Center
    Social media led 23% of U.S. users to change their view on an issue | Pew Research Center

  2. Shenzhen given new powers to attract key foreign workers and develop new financial market tools under plans to develop role as China’s tech hub | South China Morning Post

    www.scmp.com | 1 min read

    Southern metropolis to be given power to make its own laws in key areas after Xi Jinping highlighted its importance as a model for future development.

  3. Facial recognition data leaks are rampant in China as Covid-19 pushes wider use of the technology | South China Morning Post

    www.scmp.com | 1 min read

    Incorrectly configured databases remains a widespread security problem in China even as citizens increasingly express concerns.

    China revises laws to strengthen protection of minors online

  4. No limit: AI poker bot is first to beat professionals at multiplayer game

    www.nature.com | 4 min read

    Triumph over five human opponents at Texas hold’em brings bots closer to solving complicated real-world problems.

  5. Give These Apps Some Notes and They'll Write Emails for You | WIRED

    www.wired.com | 2 min read

    Entrepreneurs are building tools that create emails or marketing copy using GPT-3, text-generation technology released earlier this year.

  6. Techmeme: China passes a new export control law, in effect from Dec. 1, that will let it take reciprocal measures if any country or regions abuse their export controls (Colum Murphy/Bloomberg)

    www.techmeme.com | 1 min read

    By Colum Murphy / Bloomberg. View the full context on Techmeme.

    Techmeme: Sources: EU is finalizing a plan to toughen export controls on “dual use” technologies, including hacking software and facial recognition systems (Laurens Cerulus/Politico)

  7. Government to help Hungarian companies apply AI – Daily News Hungary

    dailynewshungary.com | 1 min read

    Do you agree that AI is the future? #Hungary #Hungarian #government #artficialintelligence #research #development #dailynewshungary

    U.S. government agencies to use AI to cull and cut outdated regulations - Business Insider

  8. Techmeme: Audio, which struggled for decades as a media category, is breaking out now, as tech enables new content formats as well as new monetization and delivery models (Matthew Ball/MatthewBall.vc)

    www.techmeme.com | 1 min read

    By Matthew Ball / MatthewBall.vc. View the full context on Techmeme.

  9. Techmeme: Virtual studios, where the filmmaking takes place in front of a halo of flat screen displays connected to PCs, are offering a real alternative to green screens (Daniel Cooper/Engadget)

    www.techmeme.com | 1 min read

    By Daniel Cooper / Engadget. View the full context on Techmeme.

  10. Techmeme: Skillsoft, which makes training software for businesses, is going public through a SPAC merger at a $1.3B valuation after emerging from bankruptcy in August (Dave Sebastian/Wall Street Journal)

    www.techmeme.com | 1 min read

    By Dave Sebastian / Wall Street Journal. View the full context on Techmeme.



Links to especially interesting sites that has been shared by the monitored sources in the past 24 hours.

  1. Does Consciousness Pervade the Universe? - Scientific American

    www.scientificamerican.com | 8 min read, listed in reddit/singularity/One thing that bothers me in discussions about the teleportation mental experiment.

    Philosopher Philip Goff answers questions about “panpsychism”

  2. NASA Artemis Accords

    www.nasa.gov | 1 min read, listed in reddit/transhumanism/The Artemis Accords - "...NASA will land the first woman and the next man on the Moon by 2024, heralding in a new era for space exploration and utilization." [This seems important.]

    The Artemis Accords take an important first step to foster international cooperation for space exploration to the Moon and Mars.

  3. Culture clash in China | Nature

    www.nature.com | 3 min read, listed in ChinAI Newsletter — ChinAI #116: China's "Best and Brightest" -- Where do they go after graduating?

    An online row highlights the need for Chinese universities to fix their hiring policies.